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Unlock new skills and connect with others with our Group Programs in Sydney!

Designed for diverse age groups, our programs address a range of needs, from motor skills to social-emotional development. Each program is led by a team of experienced professionals who specialise in paediatrics. These programs are tailored to promote collaborative learning, strong social connections, and individual growth.

Our Group Programs will commence on the weeks of:

  • 15th April
  • 22nd April

Note: We have limited spots available! This ensures personalised attention and a supportive environment for all participants.

kids doing sensory play


Ages: 2 to 7 years old

Welcome to our specialised sensory group, led by experienced occupational therapists with expertise in Ayres Sensory Integration. Dive into a supportive environment where we focus on enhancing skills such as improved sensory processing, attention, and self-regulation, empowering your child to navigate the world with confidence and joy. Join us on this journey, providing your child with the tools they need for a more balanced future.


  • Enhance sensory processing through a variety of stimulating activities.
  • Encourage fine motor skills and creativity through messy play.
  • Improve self-regulation and body awareness through yoga and mindfulness.
  • Combine sensory experiences with scientific exploration.
kids playing lego


Ages: 4 to 7 years old           

Welcome to Lego Play, where Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy worlds combine to create a dynamic learning space. Guided by our skilled therapists, participants engage in collaborative Lego activities to enhance play skills, social skills and fine motor skills. Combining Lego and fun, we have created a space that fosters the development of these skills in a playful setting. As Speech and OT skills go hand-in-hand, our Lego wonderland offers an invaluable environment where participants have the opportunity to work on these skills in conjunction. Join Lego Play today for an opportunity to build your child’s confidence and important everyday skills!


  • Increasing play skills- pretend play, imaginative play, playing with others, sharing, turn-taking
  • Increasing social skills- interacting with peers, cooperation, negotiation
  • Increasing language skills- following simple to complex instructions and expressing themselves (e.g. explaining what they built)
  • Increasing cognitive skills- identifying different colours, shapes, and creating different items
  • Increasing fine motor skills


Ages: 5 to 10 years old (Group 1)
          10 to 18 years old (Group 2)

Welcome to our Young Chefs Culinary Group, where the kitchen becomes a playground for creativity, learning, and tasty discoveries! This dynamic group program is specially designed for young aspiring chefs aged 7-16, fostering a fun and interactive environment to explore the world of cooking together.


  • Develop and refine fine motor skills essential for cooking activities.
  • Integrate sensory experiences within the cooking process to enhance sensory processing skills.
  • Strengthen executive function skills, including planning, organisation, and sequencing.
  • Facilitate social engagement and interaction with peers. Group cooking activities will provide opportunities for participants to practice social communication, turn-taking, and cooperation, promoting the development of social skills crucial for successful engagement in various life roles.
  • Promote adaptive independence by focusing on kitchen safety and the development of strategies to overcome challenges.


Ages: 7 to 16 years old

Embark on a dazzling journey of creativity with our Sparkling Creations Diamond Art Group! This enchanting group program invites individuals of all ages to explore the therapeutic and mesmerising world of diamond art, where every sparkling gem creates a masterpiece of radiant beauty.


  • Develop and refine fine motor coordination through the precise placement of diamond gems in the therapeutic practice of diamond art.
  • Explore sensory experiences through the tactile engagement of diamond painting. Participants will experience different textures, temperatures, and visual stimuli, promoting sensory integration and modulation.
  • Strengthen cognitive skills such as planning, organisation, and sequencing by following the step-by-step process of creating a diamond art masterpiece.
  • Foster emotional well-being and stress reduction through the therapeutic and meditative aspects of diamond art.
  • Encourage social participation and communication skills within the group setting.


Ages: 6 to 18 years old

Welcome to ParkFIT, where Exercise Physiology meets the great outdoors! This dynamic group program is designed to leverage the natural elements of the park environment to enhance physical fitness, optimise health outcomes, and promote holistic well-being. Improve gross motor skills through outdoor activities that challenge coordination, balance, and strength. Nature walks, climbing, and group games in the park setting will provide opportunities for participants to enhance their physical abilities and motor coordination in a dynamic outdoor environment.


  • Improve cardiovascular health and fitness through outdoor exercise sessions that incorporate activities such as jogging, brisk walking, and interval training.
  • Enhance muscular strength, endurance, and conditioning through resistance training exercises.
  • Improve coordination, balance, and postural stability, by performing activities such as balance drills, agility exercises, and proprioceptive challenges.
  • Learn about the benefits of regular physical activity, proper exercise technique, injury prevention, and the importance of adopting sustainable lifestyle habits for long-term health and well-being.
  • Foster a supportive group environment that encourages social interaction, and motivation.

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