Speech Pathology Services in Sydney

Our Speech Pathologists offer life-changing services that support children and young adults who have speech, social communication, language, swallowing/ feeding and literacy difficulties. Speech Pathologists also provide support implementing augmentative and alternative communication systems.Speech Pathologists, assess, diagnose, create person-centred goals, and collaborate with families and wider allied health teams to individualise therapy processes and techniques to support clients and families in reaching their goals. Allied OT is proud to offer skilled Speech Pathology services around Sydney.

Open Communication About Your Child’s Condition

A parent’s deep understanding of their child’s condition is critical. We are passionate about providing you with access to professional advice and treatment that address your child’s speech therapy needs in the Beverly Hills and South Sydney areas. We understand your concerns as the parent of a child with speech issues. We discuss our clients’ conditions knowledgeably and with care and welcome questions that will further parents’ understanding of the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our Paediatric Speech Therapy services in Sydney, offer:

Our Kingsgrove Speech Pathology Interventions

An accurate diagnosis is essential to get the best results from your child’s speech therapy. We at Allied OT offer innovative, personalised assistance to kids with speech, language, and social communication difficulties. Our therapists believe that getting to know the whole client allows us to do our best work. We are confident we can help a child progress socially and academically once we know their personality.

Helping Your Child Progress

At Allied OT, we specialise in Speech therapy paediatric Speech Pathology services, focusing on children from infancy through adolescence. Our comprehensive services in Sydney cater to children’s specific needs, ensuring their overall cognitive, physical, and emotional growth. With our SP kids, we are committed to helping children overcome speech and language challenges. With a child-centred approach, we offer individualised therapy sessions that are tailored to meet each child’s unique needs and goals. Our therapists utilise evidence-based strategies and engaging activities to make therapy fun and effective. Whether your child is struggling with articulation, phonological disorders, language delays, or stuttering, our Speech Therapists are here to provide them with the support and guidance they need to succeed. Don’t let speech difficulties hold your child back; give them the gift of communication with the help of our exceptional speech therapists. Let us assess, diagnose, and treat your child if they have a speech concerns to help them achieve their best. Your child is safe while attending our Speech Pathology services in Sydney.

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